Joy Again
Looking Out For You

Joy Again - Looking Out For You
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Joy Again - Looking Out For You
Joy Again - Looking Out For You
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Текст песни
i guess i should stop looking out for you like i always do
when will you start looking out for me too
instead of leaving me staring at my shoes?
it's just the way you're glancing at me
something about you just makes me feel guilty for liking you
when you're with him, when you're with him

this is a love song for a girl who will never know it's about her
i know it's pretty stupid, but i'm much too shy to tell her
she's beaming that smile, all the while
i'm all choked up on my own throat, i guess there is no hope

and we're walking out in the snow
i say, "i guess i should go"
and we're talking 'bout someone else
when we should be talking about ourselves
it's the same old situation, you've always got me waiting
come on, dear, i think time's a-wastin'
before we have to go back inside
and return to our normal lives